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GodsKitchen re-opening @ CODE
Jacqui de Wet

Anyone who was lucky enough to experience the launch of GODSKITCHEN at CODE on Friday 29th September will surely agree that it was one of the most awesome sights ever experienced in clubland. An extraordinary 15,000 clubbers turned out to witness the launch of Birmingham’s first purpose built super club and what a super club it is…

Project CODE began over 18 months ago when Mr. Moffitt found CODE, a derelict former spray shop, barren and run down! Since that day operation CODE has been growing. Unlike many other projects in this industry CODE opened on time, as promised on Friday 29th September 2000 but the 72 hours prior to the launch had certainly been eventful…

Tensions were running very high among the GK crew as launch date loomed and the biggest problem of them all turned out to be an elevator. In accordance with the requirements for CODE a lift had to be installed …a simple task you would assume – not however if your lift is coming from Kristenstad, Sweden and not if they forget to tell you on Tuesday morning that the lift hasn’t actually left Sweden…with the magistrates visiting on Thursday to approve the license and the lift taking 2 days to fit a simple problem had become a potential disaster…so what do you time to drive it, even scheduled flights wouldn’t reach in time – only one thing for it - charter your very own plane…and so it happened; CRAFT CODE left Coventry on Wednesday morning and collected the lift from a small commercial airport in Kristenstad, arrived in Coventry at Midday and was in Birmingham by 2pm…the lift was fitted at super speed and the license was granted ready to open as planned…quite possibly the most expensive rescue operation in clubland and all so that they didn’t disappoint their loyal clubbers…

All in all the night rocked and the launch of GODSKITCHEN @ CODE will no doubt go down in history as one of the most memorable launches ever in clubland. As every DJ took to the velvet-carpeted booth with indecision, watching their expression change from uncertainty to amazement to absolute delight was on of the most magical spectacles of the night. The custom made booth, with 4 decks and an array of twinkling lights and impressive gadgets looks sleek and totally DJ friendly plus with such an impressive view and a positively bouncy carpet I challenge any DJ not to raise a smile!!

OAKENFOLD started the evening with a gentle set that built and built to embrace the harder edged sounds of everyone’s favourite trancemeister FERRY CORSTEN. Stepping straight into his trance shoes came SONIQUE and the first lady rocked the costumed clubbers and the eccentric GK regulars with her sublime mixing and now world famous vocals…it was a 10 minute slot from local DJ JIMMY HILL that saved the day as he spun current GODSKITCHEN release “TESTING 1/2” to a riotous reception from the crowd. Rounded off by GK faithful and one of the hardest working DJs JOHN KELLY the floor was kept alive all night.

And as if an awesome and heart stopping PA from the gregarious MARCELLA WOODS performing MATT DAREY’S “BEAUTIFUL wasn’t enough, the final arrow was launched from the angel’s bow as a the hard as nails, dynamic duo LISA LASHES and FERGIE banged out the last hour back to back in a true stompathon of a set. The inimitable duo just couldn’t wait to play at the decks of their new home and the king and queen of hard house finished a resounding night on a spectacular and unprecedented high.

The response from clubbers was immense and the ones that did manage to partake in the celebrations were met with the best light & sound production, DJs, entertainment and décor. For all those that didn’t make the launch – there are plenty of nights left and it can only get better! CODE has landed and it has to be seen and experienced to be believed…the venue is minimal and the design focuses heavily on the lights creating the spectacle…words do not do this venue justice…CODE is upon us and the dream is alive…stop for a second and let yourself be captivated by the allure of CODE.
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