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Judgement day @ Eden
by Jacqui De Wet

I arrived in Ibiza very much under the weather – a week of goodbyes had meant little or no sleep, and loads of beverage intake.  I longed for my bed, but the lure of the ‘forbidden apple’ was greater and my fate already sealed,…. so by 10pm, I was in a cab on my way to face JUDGEMENT DAY.2

Right from the pre-party at Café Mambo, the mood was electric.  Fireworks and Fire-eaters, displays on the beach…….  Warm June evening air and the teasing lush of the sea….

I could not have wished for a better start to the summer…….  Or a bigger nite to kick in the season!

Jules arrived a little before midnight, Amanda at his side.  Both aglow with ‘Launch Party Bliss’, as they took their space in the dj booth, knocking out a few enticing tunes, before moving on to Eden.

I was lucky enough to be able to pop my head over the booth and have a quick chat.  I’d interviewed the Judge two weeks ago, touching on his choice of venue.   Eden had undergone a huge revamp and he was excited about the new developments.  Prior years had seen the club used mainly for 18 –30 type package nites, but changes to the interior and headliners such as Judgement Sundays & Dave Pearce’s Ibiza Anthems (Saturdays) will ensure the club is a huge crowd-puller this year.

I also had the privilege of chatting to Ferry Corsten, another remarkable DJ and person.  The combination of Ferry & Jules is a wicked one, but Ferry is definitely excited about working alongside the Judge, as he is somewhat of a mentor to him.

Further conversation confirmed that Ferry Corsten was the mastermind behind ‘Out of the Blue’ (Manifesto) – my all time favourite blinder of 1999.

A cold shiver ran down my spine – a very unique and spiritually enlightening experience had happened to me on the 19th August 1999, when Judge Jules played ‘Out of the Blue’ at Cream, Amnesia.  My mind was expanded beyond return and my life changed forever.

Was this my deliverance?  Had I been granted some special grace at Judgement Day?  To have both contributing oracles at the same event, was just absolutely overwhelming.

Back to Eden and both main sets were mesmeric, pivotal to the essence of the night.  Judge Jules truly is the GOLDEN deck wizard, a wicked coach to menacingly help lose your way in the Garden of EDEN.

I confess, I confess, I confess………..  I’m a cheese-freak!  I dig Judge Jules.

Fergie was also a great architect in maintaining the course set earlier in the evening.

A truly wicked and blinding night – not one aspect can be faulted.  From floor staff at Mambo’s to bartenders at Eden, from Golden’s PR team to DJs’ selection……..

Top nite, boys!

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