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Manumission opening party
by Jacqui De Wet

Wickedly white-clad stiltwalkers, silvery plastic-wrapped android-beings, fluorescently stilleto'd creatures all weaving through the narrow streets of the ancient seaside town.  It's too late for Rio and the city is too big for Sydney, so it must be Ibiza......... 

The mardi-gras procession which is as much renowned as the brothers themselves.  Where am I....... the annual launch of Manumission - Peep show carnival or club extraordinaire?????

We headed up to Privilege quite early, as the club's own opening nite, the previous Saturday, had seen traffic jams and long queues right back to the drive entrance.....  Surprisingly, though, we covered the entire journey door-2-door in less than 15 minutes, and I felt the strong need to double-check the flyer date.  It was unusually quiet.  There was none of the megalithic monuments of debauchery from prior years or any of the well-known fables to greet us.  In fact, as we entered the club at 1.30am, it was still only 1/2 full.  Perhaps this was a good thing, as we got ample time to sip & savour on the living spirit that is Privilege.

It is truly the most spectacular and largest club in the world, with its DJ booth suspended on a walkway across the pool, which splits the adequate dance floor in two;  the tropical outdoor chill-out area and world class sound system.  And, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Trade are in the backroom this year.

Jon Carter was playing and the pleasant surge of his masterful vibrations gave instinctive life to our camera, capturing the laser show with precision and beauty.  His mixing was impeccable, and gave uplift to all who was willing.

3am and it was still pretty empty for a Manumission opening party – perhaps Claire’s pregnancy or the running of their new clothing shop in San Antonio and bar (umoured to be near Ibiza Town) kept the wicked wiles away!  The usual entertainment was a-walkabout, but no sexually articulated capers from the famous pair.  I was about to give up hope of ever meeting the Manumission Madonnas, but luck was on my side and, as I headed to my cab at 05:45, Mike and his troopers came up the drive…. About to greet his dedicated flock and swoop them off the after party.  Hectic deadlines prevented me from joining them, but a Manumission Millennium Monday (Manumission – Space – Bora Bora) is definitely on my schedule.

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