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Pacha-nate about Gatecrasher - Launch party
by Jacqui De Wet

Ever since Ibiza 1999, I have been chasing something:  an emotion, a euphoria, a high, a place of knowing…….

A place that only thrillingly good music;  hedonistically good people and lusciously good fellowship could take you…..

A place that lead me to Sheffield over and over and over again….

Yet, never did I think that this regular journey by British Rail would ever take me back to the heart of the Balearics!!!

But, on the 21st of June 2000, Pacha – the most beautiful club on the white island – opened its doors to Gatecrasher – an uncompromising clubbing experience rather than just a regular club nite.

Few CrasherKids had, by now, been spotted, but with Gatecrasher’s Summer Festival only 4 days prior, this should have been expected.  Sceptics were yelling ‘Sell-Out’ and ‘Money-making Exercise’, but Wednesday nite saw Pacha jam-packed!!!!

I personally only arrived at 3am.  Last minute assignment changes had me at another launch party in San Rafel.  But not even the risk of being sacked could keep me away!!!!!

I’m not really a connoisseur of Roger Sanchez, and the obvious lack of glow-sticks, dog collars and familiar spiked heads meant the nite held a more subtle feel for me (no concern, though, as none of the island’s other launch nites had seen the DJ’s bringing out the Big ‘Uns either!)…..

Fear not though, coz in Gatecrasher’s case, subtle to me would mean:

Warming you up to;  whetting your appetite for;  mischievously hinting at the spectacularly good Gatecrasher season ahead.

With residents like Roger Sanchez, John Kelly and Scott Bond, and the added bonus of special guests like Sasha, Tall Paul, Pete Tong (one of my fave GC pop-ins) and Josh Wink…..

There is absolute promise of a higher state of consciousness.

A full day at my new Ibiza Town office, frolics at Renaissance and letting it rip all too hard at Pacha, meant I only lasted till about 12pm at Space, just before John Kelly was about to play.  Having never made it to BED, I flopped out at Bora Bora to soak in the sun, the euphoria and the pleasure of being able to say:

There’s only one way to Gatecrash(er) a Party!!!!

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