Age 20
City/Town Pretoria
Height +/- 1,92m
Weight 67 kg
Star sign Aquarius
Email address drew@cybernet4u.co.za

I live in Pta where I've lived for most of my life. I work full time in Cybernet4U (cyber cafe in retail park) where my job entails general support for clients who need instructions on using the net, as well as ensuring that the feed on our printer does not give any probs - which it does more times than not - as well as rebooting the machines whenever windoze95 crashes ;)

I've been "raving" since march 96 though the 1st Rave I went to waz natural born ravers back in feb 95 :). When not @ a Rave I can usually be found @ Equinox in full camo outfit (the purple & blue psychedelic variety that is)

Interests/hobbies: computer games , reading & partying . I also am a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes :)

muzik: GOA & other forms of PSY trance, Ambient, Rock & Carl Cox style techno (the only techno besides for hard core that I've really heard.)