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When I was overseas, I bought a "nutritional supplement" called 2CT-2. I decided to take it this last weekend.

I read about it and people's experiences with it on the 'net and I had an idea of what to expect.

I took two pills (16 mg total) at 16h30 and the expected nausea started at about 17h00, along with a slight rush (always happens when a psychedelic kicks in), visual distortion and bizarre color fluctuation in my vision.

The trip was gradually coming on with a lot of flickering in my peripheral vision and everything seemed to be breathing and flowing. I was convinced that the curtains were billowing in a gentle breeze, but my companion assured me that they were dead still. At this point, however, the nausea was getting very strong and I eventually threw up at 17h55, and again a few minutes later. I think that 2CT-2 needs to be taken on a completely empty stomach. I had drunk some orange juice before I took the pills, and I don't think the 2 chemicals liked each other.

After I vomited, I felt much better and quite relieved. I started drawing some doodles and the lines were flowing on the page and drifting around... it was such a mindfuck as I experimented with drawing various curves and lines - seeing them float away as I drew them. I also felt an increasing sense of well-being. I felt beautiful, peaceful and content. My sense of touch was also heightened - much like on MDMA and it felt very nice to be massaged and pampered by my companion. She also brought my trip toys (assorted colourful, trippy, fun objects) which felt incredible.

I tried watching some videos, but it was too much stimulus and I eventually turned it off. Music, on the other hand, felt amazing. I felt like playing every song over and over coz they sounded so nice.

I then found some drawings I had done a long time ago. Just some doodles and little cartoon characters, I had seen them countless times before, but this time, I found them absolutely hilarious. It felt as if I had drawn them in this special code and that I had just decoded them for the first time... I wonder what I was on when I drew them :-)

My companion told me to go have a bath so that I could feel a little more refreshed, but I kept on getting distracted by everything around me - much like a little kid who has to bath during playtime and just puts it off and hesitates until the last moment.

I had an amazing mental clarity and was looking at everything from a detached, objective point of view. Things were making sense and all the little trivial things that had been bugging me for the past few months were dissolving away, one-by-one.

I started coming down at about 20h30 (4 hrs after consumption). It was a very easy, pleasant, gentle comewdown - basically the feeling of well-being remained, while the visuals gradually reduced in intensity.

I finally decided to run a bath before it wore off completely ... it was the most enjoyable bath I ever had. It felt physically good to be in, but it also had a spiritually cleansing effect as well. I was experiencing such wonderful mental clarity, viewing my life from a fresh, new perspective. By the time I got out of the bath, I was feeling like a million bucks - as if someone had pressed my "reset" switch.

After I had a little snack, we decided to watch "the Doors" on video. I hadn't seen it before, but it was the perfect post-trip movie. Lots of interesting visuals and thought-provoking dialogue... plus that trippy, otherworldly feel.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience, despite the vomiting. Very nice, trippy visuals - similar to acid or mushrooms, but doesn't last as long. It also doesn't seem to have a flavour of its own - where shrooms have an organic, flowing, earthy feel and acid has a harsher, synthetic or metallic feel, this substance felt like a plain-vanilla psychedelic. It felt like I could steer it in different directions and evoke different effects just by persuasion - I guess most psychedelics are like this, but 2CT-2 is the easiest to control. I found the mental clarity and objectivity as something unique to this experience, though.

I think that 2CT-2 would be ideal for a combination with other substances, perhaps 2CB or MDMA...

It is more of a Chill-out room substance rather than a dance-floor substance. Not really worth taking on a regular basis, but it's 'cleansing' property could be very useful once or twice a year.

So, next time you're in Amsterdam, try this stuff out - you might just like it :)

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