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An interesting account of something that really impressed my with one particular DXM trip follows.

I had just downed 2 bottles of Cepacol (=600mg DXM), and was waiting in a friend's lounge. He had been bored that afternoon and had drawn a coloured 'star' on a piece of paper. It looked something like a crucifix mixed with a maltese cross, or rather an elongated star with 'rays' of light radiating out from it. People often draw things like this when bored, or when the creative juices are more concerned with making the drawing look nice than with its form or content.

I looked at the paper only briefly, and acknowledged its visual impact and attractiveness, and then we moved on with the conversation. Not much later I started feeling the DXM, with that 'warm oil' out of body feeling. I felt I was out of body in a large brown space or hall, but very much indoors (strangely, all my OBE's have been 'indoors', but more about that later). Shortly after this, I was certain I could remember being in my mother's womb, and that my state of mind was the same as that when I was born (its an *excellent* regression drug). I started 'flying' in large loops over our house and the area behind it, and I 'remembered' doing this when I was a baby, and recognised the astral field behind the house. I had no control over the loops, but could stop whenever I wanted to. I soon lost any control I had, and felt as if I was 'at deaths door'. I had been holding on to a small piece of conciousness, and felt certain that if I let go I would die and be swept away in a current I felt pulling at me.

At some point I forgot about holding on and found I had already let go, and was flying around in an infinitely large, but yet still contained, space. It had the atmosphere of a large warehouse or factory, but its bounds were invisible, and it extended vertically as far as it did horizontally. I had a female guide flying with me, holding my hand, but cannot remember anything about her, and central to us (there is no absolute central) was this cross my friend had drawn. Its 'beams' or rays extended out past us, infinitely, and we were able to playfully fly between and along these rays. They weren't light rays, and had no depth (I had only seen it in 2d, and it existed in 2d) We were in the part of the mind (mine or the universal) where this concept, a memory of a small drawing, was actually an entity, and not just coded memories of one, where the object of the drawing means more than its representation. That was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I went on to speak to more people there, all clearly not of the earth, but very welcoming and loving.

I saw many more places and people, but I don't remember any as clearly, and eventually intrusions from outside began filtering through, and it became just another trip, on earth, to slowly come out of. The next day everything looked complelely new, and I felt as if I had just been created, "out of the box" were the words my friend placed in my mouth then, and for weeks afterward nothing could overshadow those memories.

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