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Please take note that malpitte are very dangerous and can lead to coma or death if dosage is miscalculated. If you are going to consume malpitte, make sure that there is an alert, sober person to look after you and keep you from danger.


Took a whole bunch..didnt count...of the flowers of the malpit plant, including the bulb thingy at the base of the flowers. Mixed in a blender then added to boiling water and made a strong tea. Mixed in some Cola mix cos it tastes really shitty.

Every person is affected differently because we all had about the same amount, there were 7 of us and 4 (including me) had very much the same effects.

Before I go into this tho, I must tell you that a lot of what happened I dont remember at all! I had to be told by friends. Not even 10 minutes after I drank the stuff, I could barely walk, I could barely talk and couldnt see very well. We stayed at my best friend's g/f's house for about 30 minutes(by which I can hardly remember a thing). DO NOT drive a car on this stuff! I drove with my friend..he did take the stuff but for some reason was nowhere near as affected as myself and some others. We went to another friend's (he had taken some as well..and no he doesn't live with his parents <GRIN>) and at this stage I became somewhat nauseous I didnt throw up but came close. We then proceeded to a local dam type thingy here. We stayed there for about an hour. All I remember is talking to this one guy I knew who was there and thats about it. What I was told I did was things like sit on the sand and move the stones in front of me to one side in a little pile. Then crawl on hands and knees to some plants and start talking to them and having long conversations! :)

Now 4 out of the original 7 were fucked like this, wandering around...talking to things that arent there, stumbling about the cars..just generally acting like inquisitive 2 year olds!

At this point my friends who weren't so fucked or didn't take anything decided it's better we go home..they didnt want us to get hurt or nutting, so off we missioned home...and even in the car I was fuct off my face. Eg..the box to keep stuff between the front car seats, I was convinced it was a camera...and even when told it wasnt..I still believed it was.

Back at my friends g/f's place we wandered about in our own worlds, seriously visiting other dimensions. At one stage my one friend and I(he beeing very fucked also) were sitting on a bed looking at each other talking to completely different ppl (ppl that weren't there at all) Now things get funnily weird. I take off my shorts...lie down on the bed for a bit, then stand up and start scratching in this chick's parents' cupboard looking for pants (her folks were away). When asked what I was doing..I said I had to be in work in 5 minutes and am looking for work pants. Couldn't find any so wandered about the house in my underpants for a while. Didnt find pants so went to her sister's room and started scratching in there finding jeans. No, I couldnt for the life of me figure out how to put these jeans on, so walked around with them half on for who knows how long. One part I do remember is walking around without my pants on, but it felt like this very weird dream. I was in somebody else's house but I was convinced it was my house. It didnt look like my house, but I was convinced it was. It even looked like they had plastered up the doorways..because I thought I was in my house..I believed there should be a door here..but instead it's a wall?? This is some weird shit I must tell you! :)

Our half normal friends couldnt get us too sit still for long, we always had to mission about. Another thing, and this was weird!!, was when I was a bit more normal, and I do say a 'bit' :) I kept thinking I have a cigarette in my hand..look down, see just the butt left, look up to find an ashtray..look down and watch this cig butt dissappear right in front of my eyes! (TRUE HALLUCINATIONS BRU! *dippie*) This kept on happening and is quite a mind fuck.

The whole way thru the 'trip' I talked to imaginary ppl, saw imaginery things, and according to my friends acted really strangely..mumbling a lot and stuff. I finally came to a better sense about 7 hours later. I then went home (drove myself) and went to sleep.

All in all it was a very weird and interesting experience. I think I will do it again..but with a very low dose. I have had moonflower before this and was nowhere near as fucked.

This malpit plant is a weed, and a very strong poison. It pushes up your body temperature and literally puts you into a delirium. I have heard the poison builds up in your you could take some today and not be fucked, take a small amount ina couple of days and be fucked like I was. Its very nice yes, but if you are gonna do it, please be careful. Have somebody not fucked with you to look after you cos once u start feeling fucked, there is nothing you can do..and even worse is often you wont even realise you are so fucked and just wander about. One guy I know started out at his house and the next thing he knew he was building a pyramid made out of bamboo that he got somewhere, in the middle of the road...kilometers away from his house. He had driven with his car. This shit is worse than booze when it comes to being in control.

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