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Magic Mushrooms

This is a report of my first experience with Magic Mushrooms. I was in Amsterdam with my girlfriend, and we bought some fresh "Philosopher's Stone" (Psylocibe Tampanensis) from a headshop.

We stayed in our hotel room for the day and decided to try them out.

My gf ate a full dose and I ended up eating about of a dose. After about 45 mins, my stomach felt a little uneasy - as if I had eaten a very heavy meal. The visuals started right about then, they came on very gently and it was hard noticing them at first. I saw very regular, multi-level, wallpaper-like patterns when I closed my eyes and as time passed I started hallucinating very pleasantly. Cupboards were breathing, walls were disappearing and the whole room felt like it was constantly transforming and trasnporting from one place to another. There were rainbow-like effects in my vision and I was also getting auditory hallucinations.

My GF had also started hallucinating and we were telling each other what we were seeing and feeling but after a while we didn't bother because we were communicating on many other levels.

We both felt very aware of our bodies and could feel every little organ and every process functioning in perfect unison. Breath, digestion, blood flow I was intimately aware of all of these as I had never been before. I was awe struck at the simultaneous complexity and simplicity of it all. We both started stretching and flexing our bodies and basically just playing and exploring with them. It felt very good to be alive and healthy and I realised how out of touch I am with my body eating junk food, smoking and not exercising regularly.

By now we had achieved a very unique state. We felt like little children, not bothered by what we looked like or how we were behaving. In fact our behaviour was a little more selfish and childlke my GF seemed to me to have reverted to her childhood, behaving like a cute, slightly spoiled little girl.

Our hotel room was in a great position. From our window I could see the traffic two stories below and there were two very tall and beautiful trees just outside. I was simply stunned by the two trees. They looked so beautiful, elegant and wise. They seemed so alive and animate as the wind blew through them, as if they were communicating and soothing me with their whispers.

After a while, once we had progressed into a very personal and intimate space, the phone rang, much to our surprise. My friend J had tracked us down and decided to welcome us to Amsterdam. This blew me away, she had actually sniffed us out only knowing my first name and with a slight idea of the hotel name. After going all around town, she found us. I invited her up to the room for a joint and warned her that we had just taken some shrooms and that she should expect some strange behaviour.

My GF had never met her before, so she felt very uncomfortable and felt like her space had been invaded. I told her there was no need to worry and that J was very cool about the whole thing. However I felt very awkward myself. I was in no mood to be social and I was finding it very difficult to talk to J and make her feel comfortable while trying to keep my GF chilled and comfortable at the same time.

Then the phone rings again. This time it was J's friend tracking her down, which is even more amazing I have never known such resourceful people. At this stage GF and I didn't know what to make of things and couldn't believe that people were managing to track each other down so easily.

After a while J decided to leave and we promised to see her again in two days time and we'd take it all from the top.

Once she left, we locked the door and soon got back to where we had left off.

It was so confusing trying to use the toilet. Firstly my sense of perspective was very fucked and secondly the toilet was designed very strangely with odd angles making it look as if it was skew or bent. I decided to just go with instinct and thankfully it worked. GF decided to ask reception for some tea, but she had to go down the corridor to the lift to get the tray. She was gone for a long time and when she got back she had terrible tales of getting lost along the way and having the corridor distort around her and battling to keep the lift door open as she picked up the tray I was glad she went through all of that and not me :)

We decided to turn the TV on and we landed up on some kid's channel where this Big Bird character was walking through a park looking for something. I exploded with laughter. I somehow found this extremely funny and couldn't stop laughing. I haven't laughed like that since I was a little kid, it felt so great and it's something I'll never forget.

Later I was paging through some porn magazines we bought the previous day. I found it neither a turn on, nor a turn off - I was quite neutral about the whole thing - much like kids do, I suppose.

We smoked a few joints and came down gently into the evening, had a light dinner and went to bed.

This was one of my most memorable experiences and think back on it fondly. It had reset my soul and made me remember what it was like to be a child (ego loss). I learnt so much that day, things I can't describe and which are very personal.

Next time I would like to experience shrooms out in nature or at least in a big, secluded garden - the close realtionship I felt with the Earth was very soothing and rejuvenating, definitely something to be repeated.

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