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These are some funny, thought provoking or just plain bizarre quotes by the brilliant minds of Netraver...


    "We have to open our eyes, not just dilate our pupils."

    - Clive (SpiralElf)


    "You're asking BRADY if he believes in God????
    hmmmmm..... that's like asking a crusty where he got his pebbles."

    - Tweety


    "Talking shit fertilises the mind"

    - Charlie


    " weekend with her and I'd end up in a foetal position in the shower with all my clothes on and a few empty bottles of hard liquor, mumbling my kitty's name over and over while the 'bells' clang incessantly in my mind..."

    - Jungle Jim on Ally McBeal


    "SteveD.r, I need a prescription to cure my suffering from a lack of empathy with humans, lack of musical insight, and I seemed to have slowed down to something below the speed of light. Oh, and I notice my jaw has stopped trembling. Can you give me something for that too?"

    - SteveD


    "Rave may have lost it's original essense, but it still has one. Wether that essense is something you can identify with or not is the real question. If it isn't - find your own"

    - Tweety, 20-5-99


    "New Yorkers invented attitude, to the point that most people who have spent time there are doomed to see the rest of globe as hopelessly square."

    - Ted Leggett


    "I want to experience life in full-colour, surround-sound... not some watered-down protected bland grey-and-brown version. Life V.99... now with full multimedia support! :)"

    - Rocketboy


    "We're actually a group of non-conformists but today is our day off."
    - Ant after the whole group of netravers all just ordered Lemon Hooch


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