Sean McDonald aka Cuddlefish

25 Earth Years when i last checked

Male without the Macho :)

Middel "Of Nowhere" Burg, Mpumalanga

Leo / Virgo / Cuddlefish Cusp

6 odd ( very odd ) feet

About 85 Kilogramicons

A Little Bit About Me :

I've been indulging in this melange of electronica,cyberdelics, spiritualisms and japanese-video-game clothing we like to call rave-kulcha for about 6 or 7 years now, and I'm always learning new and interesting things.  From my friends on NetRaver, I learned that there were special creatures living right on my virtual door-step, beautiful people who saw this way of life as more than the drugz'n'pozing i was picking up at the clubs and parties i had been attending. Thank you, one and all, for restoring my faith in the human race and for brightening up my daze @ w*rk (such a filthy word) with your comments, arguments and expressions of self.

Don't get me wrong though, I *adore* the new kiddiez ( the vibey ones and the smiley ones with the shiny clothes and stuph) - but there's no Skool like the Olde Skool, at least not in my book :) They should pay more attention to the Olde Pholx though - we know where all the *really* good stuph is =]

So, when next ya see me, grinning like a lunatic in cuddle-club closer to your home than you would think possible, come over and say "high", k ?

I love surpises, so why not surprise me with a mail from you.

Not bad for a first attempt, n'est pas, boss ?